Hurricane Sandy, one year later

Hurricane Sandy in Haiti
Hurricane Sandy passed to the west of Haiti on 25 October, causing heavy rains and strong winds, flooding homes and overflowing rivers. Photo: UN Photo/Logan Abassi

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean and North America in October 2012 it left a path of destruction in its wake, causing up to US$68 billion worth of damage. It was the second most expensive hurricane ever recorded.


Aside from the economic losses, the storm killed nearly 300 people. 120 of those killed were in the Latin American and Caribbean region, where Sandy displaced hundreds of thousands, destroyed homes, critical infrastructure and crops, and threatened livelihoods for many people who already face poverty - and (in the case of Haiti) worsening the humanitarian crisis.


In light of the first anniversary of Sandy, UNDP is looking at the impact of the storm on the people of the Caribbean. Special attention is being paid to the lessons learned and the strides made in to rebuilding.


UNDP has played a crucial role in helping countries affected by the storm to recover, supporting livelihoods, helping people to reconstruct homes and assisting communities in infrastructure restoration. UNDP has been active in disaster prevention in the region for decades and the storm clearly demonstrated that those countries that have invested in mitigating disaster risk and preparing for recovery were better able to protect investment and development gains. 


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