Bright Future for Berdale Communities in Somalia supported by UNDP Programmes

Hamida at work on a milling machine provided by UNDP; in business with two other women, the trio provide milling and grinding service to the people in the town of Berdale, Uganda.
Mother of four, Hamida, at work on a milling machine provided by UNDP, Uganda

Berdale district bears the brunt of the civil war in the country. Most of its population is agro-pastoralists and small scale business people. A UNDP area-based early recovery project targets five villages and Berdale town itself targeting 281 vulnerable households. The project consisted of heagriculture, establishment of small business and infrastructure rehabilitation.


Elsewhere in Berdale district, Asha - a mother of five - is a member of a women group who received sewing machines and other start up materials. She now makes ladies clothes which earns her US $10 per day. This income has enabled her rebuilt her livelihood and send some of her children.


Similarly, Hamida who is a mother of four had no proper shelter and lived in an old government building. The family survived through selling tea but what she earned from the selling tea was not enough for their daily upkeep.


Based on her previous experience of being milling machine operator, Hamida and two other women were provided with a milling machine and start up materials. The group started their business after receiving two-day training on business management. They provided milling and grinding service to the people in Berdale town. Their daily income ranged between US $30 and US $45 per day.


Hamida receives a share between US $10 and US $15 daily. This has increased her income and enabled her to support her family in the area of food, education and shelter. On the other hand, people in Berdale town also benefited from this service.


As more people find their basic needs met and their livelihoods restored, the future of communities in Berdale looks brighter.