A Cuban model for a resilient Caribbean

25 Feb 2015

Risk Reduction Management Centers, a successful initiative in hurricane-prone Cuba, are being scaled up across partnering Caribbean states. With a population of 36 million, the Caribbean region is home to a diverse array of languages and cultures, to islands large and small, to major coastal citiesmore


Sierra Leone: People with disabilities look to an Ebola-free future

24 Feb 2015

Freetown, Sierra Leone - A group of young wheelchair-bound men barrel down a busy street hustling cars for a few leones (the local currency). The money they collect is meagre - and gets less and less as the Ebola crisis pushes them further towards the fringes of society. “To change a tire is 70 (thmore


Helen Clark joins Liberian all-women motorcycle club The Pink Panthers

17 Feb 2015

Monrovia, Liberia — UNDP Administrator Helen Clark has been made an honorary member of the Pink Panthers Motorcycle Club, an all-women association of Liberian commercial motorbike taxis drivers. The Pink Panthers are a group of young women who have been riding motorbikes around Monrovia for years. more


Lebanon’s storm preparedness helps response plan

13 Feb 2015

A decade of efforts to better prepare and respond to disasters was highlighted when seasonal storm “Zina” struck Lebanon in early January 2015. “We were waiting for this heavy storm to hit the country,” says Alexi Karim. “Throughout the year the local municipality came and conducted awareness sessiomore


Battling Ebola and boosting business in Sierra Leone

02 Feb 2015

Freetown, Sierra Leone - Sariatu Kamara owns a beauty salon in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. The sole breadwinner for her family, her business has been hit hard as people stayed away through fear of Ebola. “Before Ebola this place was fine, but during the Ebola time business was not good, it’s dimore


Community police help stop Ebola in Guinea

26 Jan 2015

Conakry, Guinea - As Guinea looks towards recovery from the Ebola epidemic, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is training hundreds of community police officers to help keep case numbers down and prevent future outbreaks. 450 newly trained officers have begun working with communities imore


UNDP-led mission marks shift to recovery in Ebola affected West Africa

20 Jan 2015

New York - A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-led mission to pinpoint support needed for the countries hardest-hit by Ebola to kick start their recovery from the epidemic wrapped up in Sierra Leone today. While the main aim for the governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and the intmore


30,000 food kits for vulnerable, displaced people in Ukraine

12 Jan 2015

Amid continuing fighting and a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched an initiative aimed at ferrying aid to the country’s internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as other vulnerable citizens trapped by the ongoing hostilities. more


UNDP to help cut cross border Ebola infections in West Africa

30 Dec 2014

UNDP is set to help the Liberian government build new border posts to cut cross-border Ebola infections from Sierra Leone. Infections in Liberia’s Eastern border region have spiked recently as tight-knit cross-border communities spread the disease across the often porous border. 49 new cases have bmore


UNDP makes emergency payment to Ebola health workers in Guinea

29 Dec 2014

Keeping health personnel and communities actively involved seen as crucial to the response. Conakry, Guinea --The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has made additional incentive payments to 758 health personnel working in four Ebola treatment units in Guinea, ensuring their continued engagmore