Thailand: UNDP responds to severe flooding

17 Oct 2011

Bangkok – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has expressed deep concern and offered support to the Government of Thailand as the country battles severe flooding that has killed more than 280 people and affected more than two million others since July this year. More than 80 percent omore


"Positive momentum" for Haiti’s post-earthquake rebuild

27 Sep 2011

Port-au-Prince – Over the past year, over 1 million cubic metres of debris have been cleared from the earthquake-ravaged streets here, but the task of rebuilding is far from over. Heraldo Muñoz, chief of Latin America and the Carribbean for the United Nations Development Programme saimore


Liberians Urged To Cast Ballots in Runoff Vote

27 Oct 2011

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26—Liberia’s ongoing election poses a major test for the West African country, a senior UN Development Programme (UNDP) official said here Wednesday, urging Liberians to turn out in large numbers for a runoff vote Nov. 8. “Second elections [after a crisis] are quite important.They’rmore


As Central America's torrential rains continue, UN offers relief

25 Oct 2011

The United Nations and the Government of Nicaragua launched an urgent appeal to donors (Flash Appeal) today for US$ 14.3 million to assist 134,000 people affected by the floods over the next six months. On 25 October the UN and the Government of El Salvador also launched a Flash Appeal for nearly Umore


New report highlights UNDP’s role in building peace in Bolivia

20 Oct 2011

New York— Following the tension and violence that spread throughout Bolivia around the approval of a Constitution five years ago, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) played a key role in building peace, sparking a historical dialogue between political parties and civil society groups, acmore


UNDP offers relief as Central America's torrential rains continue

19 Oct 2011

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is providing assistance to those hit by torrential rains that have devastated five Central American countries and Mexico, affected nearly 570,000 people and left more than 80 dead, according to preliminary reports. In Nicaragua, where over 130,000 peopmore


Top UN aid official calls for scaling up of humanitarian efforts in Philippines

21 Dec 2011

The United Nations relief head called today on countries and international organizations to scale up humanitarian efforts in the Philippines, which was ravaged by a storm last weekend, leaving almost half a million people in need of assistance. “The Government responded quickly to the disaster with more


UNDP invests in livelihoods to ease tensions in northern Kenya

12 Dec 2011

With the famine in Somalia sparking an increased flow of refugees into neighbouring Kenya, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is scaling up its programmes to help improve the living conditions in the northern part of the country. More than 360,000 refugees from different neighbouring comore


Yemen takes historic step as millions vote

22 Feb 2012

Sana’a - After months of chaos and the ghost of civil war, Yemen marked a new chapter Tuesday as millions of Yemenis voted to end the turmoil and move towards a new future. The presidential election is the first critical benchmark in a two-year transitional period, and voters turned out in large numore


Haitian filmmaker shows "Journey of Hope"

21 Feb 2012

“I was shooting my first film ever, standing on top of a house filming kids playing football when the earth started shaking and the house crumbled underneath me,” said 27-year old filmmaker Massena Cesar, recalling that day of profound sorrow when a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, killing over 200,more