UNDP sends financial support, experts to Haiti

14 Jan 2010

  A view of a street in downtown Port-au-Prince illustrates the extensive damage wreaked by the earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January. UN Photo/Logan Abassi The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has dispatched technical experts and financial sumore

The UN urges calm in Haiti after elections

29 Nov 2010

Port-au-Prince - The United Nations and the international community expressed their deep concern at the numerous incidents that marred the Haiti elections on Sunday, 28 November, 2010. The United Nations and the international community urge the public and all political actors to remain calm,more

A summer camp brings together Lebanese and Palestinian youths

12 Aug 2009

A UNDP-supported conflict recovery project in Lebanon , in collaboration with the Government, is breaking down prevailing stereotypes held by Palestinian and Lebanese youth through a very unique program. The summer school brings together 22 Lebanese and Palestinian young people in an isolamore

Namibia: Recovering from the worst floods in 46 years

14 May 2009

UN agencies participated in the preparation of a Flash Appeal for US$ 2.7 million to support the Namibian Government’s response (Photo: UNDP)Since early 2009, torrential rains and severe flooding in the north-central and north-eastern regions of Namibia have killed almost 100 people.Out of omore

UN brings together opposing Sudanese tribes in historic peace talks

24 Dec 2009

Amidst the cheering, drumming and dancing of women from  Sudan’s Missiriya tribe in Um Khaer village in the Sudanese county of Abyei, a group of Missiriya representatives from this traditionally nomadic tribe gathered on December 14, 2009  for a historic meeting with representatives from themore

In Peru, restoring houses prevents disasters and preserves landmarks

23 Dec 2009

An antique villa courtyard in Rimac converted into poor urban settlement for the poor. (Photo: Lorry Salcedo) In Peru about half a million people dwell in slums enclosed within historical architectural gems. In downtown Lima, UNESCO heritage site and once Smore

UNDP helps drought-stricken Iraq combat effects of climate change

16 Dec 2009

Global Warming is manifested in Iraq through: • More frequent and more severe droughts, 2008/09 was the second such prolonged drought period in ten years. • Declining rainfall over the past four years, with annual precipitation reaching only 25-65 percent of normal levels. more

Two years after the 2007 PERU earthquake

13 Aug 2009

Two years ago, on 15 August, the Peruvian province of Ica was devastated by an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale.  Almost 600 people died, over 1,000 people were injured and 75,000 families were affected. The region suffered extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, and locmore

Afghan elections hotline rings non-stop

03 Aug 2009

(With information from Tilak Pokharel, UNAMA)Twenty days before the Afghan population turns out to vote at the presidential and provincial council election, a number of people are still calling the country’s election hotline. Each week around 25,000 people call the toll-free number to ask aboumore

Helen Clark starts first visit to Africa, meets with Liberia President

11 Jun 2009

View more footage on the UNDP in Liberia siteUNDP Administrator Helen Clark met today with Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on the first day of her official visit to that country. Miss Clark commended the President for the real progress made in Liberia under her three year-old presidency, more