Mine action

Juwa Stella Anyazo works with an all-female demining team in Yei, South Sudan, supported by Norwegian People’s Aid and UNMAS partner. For more information about this team, watch the UNMAS film “Betty” shown in this exhibition. Photo: UNMAS/Marco Grob

Our Goal

Long after conflicts are over, landmines, abandoned munitions and other explosive remnants of war still kill and maim, sometimes for decades. They are responsible for an average of 11 deaths per day, and countless more severe injuries.

Development and economic growth often increases the demand for land, so that communities can plant more crops and improve food security, or build new housing, roads and infrastructure. Mines and explosive remnants of war not only pose a health and safety risk - in many post conflict countries, they impede economic growth by preventing people from using land. They also deprive people of basic services; hinder the use of natural resources; and severely undermine the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The global economic impact of unexploded ordnance is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year; costs that are often borne by developing countries that can least afford them.

In fragile societies, unexploded ordnance can also stop refugees and displaced people from returning home, adversely affecting stability, security, and the realization of long-term peace.

Projects and Initiatives

  • UNDP in Mozambique

    Women Working for a Mine-free Mozambique

    “You could say my job is exciting,” said Margarida Luis Sitoe, a manual de-miner who works with UNDP’s humanitarian demining partners, Apopo. “It’s hard work butmore

Our Perspectives

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Mine Action 2014: Women in Mine Action/Life After Landmines and UxOs
  • Manual demining
  • Manual demining
  • Collected and destroyed in Côte d’Ivoire

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