Women in Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and Recovery

 Women's Empowerment in Crisis
On 26 September 2012 in Malha, North Darfur, women attend an Open Day workshop to discuss the principles and progress related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. Photo: Sojoud Elgarrai/UNAMID

Women and girls are uniquely and disproportionately affected by armed conflict and disaster. In post conflict and disaster settings, they often suffer from lack of security and are excluded from decision making and participation in economic, social, and political spheres. National laws and judicial systems also remain discriminatory against them. Crisis could provide an opportunity to break down traditional barriers and roles which often limit women’s contribution to society, and “to build back better” where inequality is not perpetuated.

Our Goals

To enhance women’s, political, social and economic empowerment in armed conflict and disaster settings.

  • Works with national governments to develop policies and services that benefit women and men equally
  • Works closely with international and national partners on the UN’s global policy agenda on Women, Peace and Security and support implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Our stories

  • Giving a voice to female victims in GuatemalaOct 27, 2014Giving a voice to female victims in GuatemalaA transitional justice project provides support and reparation for female victims of the domestic armed conflict in Guatemala.

  • Sri Lanka: Women look to the future with optimismJun 12, 2014Sri Lanka: Women look to the future with optimismVillagers and organisations affected by three decades of conflict in Sri Lanka receive training and acquire leadership skills to initiate income generating projects. The programme focuses on empowering women and increasing economic opportunities for the participants.

  • Creating Afghanistan's next generation of entrepreneurs -- womenMay 28, 2015Creating Afghanistan's next generation of entrepreneurs -- womenThrough trainings, service packages, and exchanges, UNDP's Gender Equality Project helps women in Afghanistan to learn trades, become entrepreneurs, and develop their businesses.

Projects and Initiatives

  • Young Palestinians prepare for politicsYoung Palestinians prepare for politicsA UNDP project is helping teen and young adult Palestinians to set up a simulated parliament, participate in democratic elections and express their opinions.

  • Bright Future for Berdale Communities in Somalia supported by UNDP ProgrammesBright Future for Berdale Communities in Somalia supported by UNDP ProgrammesBerdale district bears the brunt of the civil war in the country. Most of its population is agro-pastoralists and small scale business people. A UNDP area-based early recovery project targets five villages and Berdale town itself targeting 281 vulnerable households. The project consisted of heagriculture, establishment of small business and infrastructure rehabilitation. As more people find their basic needs met and their livelihoods restored, the future of communities in Berdale looks brighter.

  • Rebuilding Livelihoods in LiberiaRebuilding Livelihoods in LiberiaRebuilding Livelihoods in Liberia

In Focus

Whether in times of armed conflict, post-conflict or peace, sexual violence is neither inevitable nor acceptable; it is an outcome of gender inequality and a violation of human rights for which states are accountable.

Did you know?
  • Since 1992, women have comprised only eight percent of negotiating delegations in UN mediated peace processes.
  • Women comprise 70 percent of the world's hungry, a situation that is exercerbated by conflict and disaster.
  • Women, boys and girls are 14 times more likely to die during a natural disaster than men.
  • Sexual violence directed towards women and girls is often used as a deliberate tactic in conflict.
Stop the Violence!
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