Conflict Prevention

Lasting peace requires that key actors have the skills and access to forums and institutions allowing them to cooperate across political or sectarian lines. This is why a  large part of UNDP’s work in preventing violent conflict, and its recurrence, involves working with local communities and governments to set up ways for managing disputes through inclusive participation and dialogue.

By supporting national dialogue processes, local peace committees, and confidence-building activities between people and communities, UNDP contributes to reaching consensus on sensitive issues, mitigating ongoing tensions and fostering breakthroughs in political deadlocks at the national and local levels. UNDP also works to prevent electoral violence and strengthen foundations for more resilient societies.

UNDP’s activities complement the diplomatic efforts at the political high-level made by other members of the UN System. By strengthening national and local conflict management capabilities, the results of official preventive diplomacy are deepened and sustained at the community and civil society levels.

Our Goal

UNDP’s work in conflict prevention is focused on supporting national and local institutions and leadership in their efforts to prevent violence, manage conflicts constructively, and engage peacefully in political transitions and rapid change processes.

Our stories

  • Kyrgyzstan: promoting peace by improving access to waterAug 1, 2014Kyrgyzstan: promoting peace by improving access to waterA UNDP project is helping to ease tensions among ethnic communities in Kyrgyzstan while providing access to water.

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Arms meltdown movement forces firepower from the streetsApr 25, 2014Bosnia & Herzegovina: Arms meltdown movement forces firepower from the streetsIn Bosnia and Herzegovina, where illegally held left-over weapons and explosive devices kill hundreds of people each year, UNDP is helping the government to consign guns to the recycling bin.

  • Syria: Restoring Roman wells to bring reliefDec 31, 2013Syria: Restoring Roman wells to bring reliefA UNDP-supported project is helping to rehabilitate ancient wells and providing water to people affected by the conflict.

  • Sudan: Youth volunteers train for a better future for DarfurDec 4, 2013Sudan: Youth volunteers train for a better future for DarfurA project in Sudan trains individual volunteers to build up skills and in turn develop the capacity of their communities.

Projects and Initiatives

  • Ebola response in West AfricaEbola response in West AfricaNearly a year into the Ebola crisis ravaging West Africa, the deadly disease’s knock-on effects are huge. What started as a public health crisis in Guinea on 26 December 2013 degenerated into development crises in the three epicentre countries in less than six months. As of January 2015, there were 20,721 EVD cases in total: 2,775 in Guinea, 8,157 in Liberia, and 9,789 in Sierra Leone.

  • Ebola response in West AfricaEbola response in West Africa

  • Young Palestinians prepare for politicsYoung Palestinians prepare for politicsA UNDP project is helping teen and young adult Palestinians to set up a simulated parliament, participate in democratic elections and express their opinions.