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Crisis response: Where we do it

  • Averting famine

    Four countries—Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northern Nigeria—are facing conflict and drought and now approaching famine, with 20 million people near starvation in the worst preventable humanitarian crisis since World War II.

  • Responding to the crisis in Somalia

    UNDP is working with humanitarian partners in drought-affected areas to deliver immediate water and emergency support to the most vulnerable communities. At the same time, UNDP provides long-term development solutions on an on-going basis, which address the root causes of vulnerability.

  • Supporting recovery after earthquake in Nepal

    On 25 April 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and northern India. More than 15 powerful aftershocks rocked Nepal within 24-hours of the initial impact. UNDP provided support aimed at debris removal and bolstered the capacity of local bodies in an effort to aid both search and rescue and early recovery.

  • Responding to the crisis in Yemen

    Already one of the poorest countries in the Arab region, Yemen’s situation worsened considerably amid escalating armed conflict in 2015. We are helping people get back to work so they can become self-sufficient again, helping restore basic services such as health care, and contributing to peace-building.

  • Response to the crisis in South Sudan

    UNDP in South Sudan continues to operate in spite of the current crisis, supporting national, state and local governments to deliver development services, as well as community security and stabilization for at-risk communities.

  • Responding to the crisis in northeast Nigeria

    The Boko Haram insurgency over the last seven years has victimized an already vulnerable population in northeast Nigeria. UNDP’s vision is to complement life-saving interventions with sustainable, integrated solutions to stabilize communities and lay the foundation for longer-term recovery.

  • Supporting Syrians and the region

    Six years into the conflict in Syria, 75 percent of the population are living in poverty, while millions of Syrians seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

  • Haiti: From recovery to sustainable development

    Since the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010, enormous efforts have been made to help the government achieve its objectives and to improve Haitians’ living conditions.

  • Stabilizing Iraq

    The humanitarian, security and development crisis in Iraq is amongst the most volatile and severe in the region. The occupation of approximately one-third of Iraq’s territory by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) resulted in the displacement of 3.3 million Iraqis.

  • Responding to the crisis in CAR

    UNDP supports the stabilization of the Central African Republic through the phased implementation of community security, livelihoods, social cohesion, and reconciliation initiatives.

  • Ebola response in West Africa

    What started as a public health crisis in Guinea on 26 December 2013 degenerated into development crises in the three epicentre countries in less than six months.