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  • Patching holes in the heavens

    China is helping to restore the ozone layer with the adoption of a new technology in refrigeration

  • As rivers dry up, Swaziland builds dams to harvest water

    In Swaziland, a project has created a local water development committee and built sand dams and rainwater harvesting systems to increase access to water.

  • Biodiversity projects improve lives in China

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), identified 18 villages in the area to carry out community-based projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and improving local people’s livelihoods.

  • A tidal wave  of plastic

    13 million tonnes of plastic reach the ocean every year. See how the journey is marked by opportunities to change course.

  • Buzzing with life

    There are many ways bees help the environment and enrich human life. But did you know these little insects are also powerful partners in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?

  • People and the sea: Finding a sustainable balance

    When olive ridley turtles hatch on the beach, Suhas Torasker carefully collects them and releases them into the sea. He’s part of group in his fishing village working to preserve the endangered turtles and other species.

  • Another kind of wealth: Ancestral culture

    Where the Pemón live, the majestic landscape holds gold, diamonds and other precious minerals. But the indigenous people have another valuable resource, one that cannot be priced.

  • Water in Myanmar's Dry Zone

    In the Dry Zone, chronic poverty is directly correlated with the effects of drought and climate change. UNDP supports efforts to secure water resources and food security in the most vulnerable areas.

  • A guilt-free holiday

    Montenegro's natural beauty is attracting growing numbers of tourists. UNDP is helping to devise green travel solutions to prevent negative impacts on the environment.

  • United for a clean city

    Gregoria Cruz doesn't just recycle waste, she re-imagines it. She's she's on a mission to create a culture of recycling Peru's second city.

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