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  • 10 things we should all know about indigenous people

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a good time for all of us to consider why it’s important to protect indigenous peoples’ rights.

  • United for a clean city

    Gregoria Cruz does not pick up waste, she recycles it. Today, many women like Gregoria have abandoned the landfills in Arequipa - Peru's second largest city - to demonstrate that recycling and waste disposal also offer opportunities for sustainable development.

  • Return of Colombia's wetlands

    Climate change makes wetlands especially vulnerable to flood and drought. Colombia races to heal a vital ecosystem, thanks to forgotten native seeds more resistant to erratic rainfalls and high temperatures.

  • Perking up the coffee business

    Despite the success of their coffee around the world, small producers fight to secure their future and preserve their environment.

  • Marshall Islands: Protecting drinking water from drought and sea level rise

    Une pénurie en eau potable aggravé par le changement climatique a conduit les îles Marshall à agir pour augmenter l'accès à et la qualité de l'eau potable

  • Naga youth join forces to protect forests

    A project in Myanmar empowers young people to conserve forests and practice sustainable agriculture.

  • 3 continents, 3 lakes in danger

    There is no shortage of water on the planet. More than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered in the stuff. But 97 percent of this is salty ocean water. The remaining freshwater is mostly found in the form of ice, leaving precious little available for human use.

  • Greening charcoal production in Uganda

    Efficient conversion technologies and sustainable land management practices save forests and livelihoods.

  • Back on the land for Nepalese farmers

    UNDP’s Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project supports microentrepreneurs to restore their livelihoods after the earthquake.

  • Haiti: Exporting coffee while protecting biodiversity

    By revamping coffee cultivation, producers are reforesting land and improving their living conditions.

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