Recovery planning and preparedness

 Bangladesh has dramatically reduces its death toll from extreme weather events such as cyclones by shifting from disaster response to disaster risk reduction and early warnings. Photo: UNDP/Bangladesh

As the incidence and intensity of disasters increase, the impact on peoples’ lives and livelihoods grows ever larger. Yet there has historically been little investment in developing countries’ capacities to manage disaster recovery efforts. Recovery policies, regulatory frameworks, institutional coordination and planning need to be integrated into existing governance processes in disaster-prone countries; the public and private sectors need to improve their engagement with affected communities; and humanitarian agencies and development institutions need to work closely in fostering recovery preparedness and effective planning.

UNDP is enhancing the capacities of governments to conduct effective recovery efforts and is heightening awareness around the importance of disaster resilient recovery among International Financial Institutions (IFIs), donors, civil society, the United Nations (UN) system and all other relevant organizations. UNDP’s recovery strategy includes:

  • Strengthening capacities for pre-disaster recovery planning and the management of recovery processes;
  • Providing rapid post-crisis support to governments for the assessment of recovery needs;
  • Integrating risk reduction considerations into recovery initiatives;
  • Supporting countries to use recovery processes as an opportunity to develop political, financial and technical commitments to disaster reduction plans and programmes;
  • Developing a common vision of recovery with major stakeholders and strategic partners, including the media and the academia;
  • Including preparedness for recovery as a part of the UN disaster response/contingency plans and the UN Development Assessment Framework (UNDAF) by UN Country Teams; and
  • Including recovery as a part of local development strategies in order to streamline disaster preparedness within normal development activities.

Working with various government partners, UNDP has supported pre-disaster recovery planning efforts in Ecuador, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Niger, Rwanda and Angola.

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