Resilient recovery

training in Dominican RepublicOur figures show that 70 percent of the buildings in Puerto Plata are precarious in nature. Through our project, participants received training on disaster prevention in Puerta Plata to protect the people and infrastructure of the municipalities of the province. (Photo: Benjamín Pérez Espinal/UNDP Dominican Republic)

UNDP works with national and local partners to support recovery efforts that don’t just reconstruct pre-existing conditions but also addresses underlying risk and builds back better. This includes preparedness for recovery, early recovery, which helps facilitate the shift from relief to recovery; and long-term recovery, which encompasses the multi-year process of returning to sustainable development.

Since 2008, the European Union, World Bank and UNDP have collaborated on Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) tools. These are intended to support national governments as they assess disaster impact and plan for a long-term, sustainable recovery. These tools streamline the post-disaster process, avoid the proliferation of multiple, competing assessments, and help develop a single recovery plan that emphasizes resilience and sustainability.

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