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1st Public Service Dialogue, Singapore
1st Public Service Dialogue, Singapore (Photo: UNDP)

The Centre offers a forum where officials, leaders, policy-makers and experts can exchange their ideas, knowledge and experiences.
Fostering collaboration between countries is at the heart of our work. The focus is on sharing the most relevant knowledge and fostering cooperation among those countries that have best practices to share.

The Centre conducts Public Service Dialogues that bring stakeholders together to identify, research, and debate the most pressing challenges in public service performance today. These include hurdles such as achieving diversity, outsourcing, or establishing systems to tackle corruption.


"How Relevant is the ‘Carrot and Stick’ Approach in Public Service Motivation?"
   23 July 2014, Singapore
Lecture and panel discussion with speakers and panelists from the Asian Development Bank, Lee Kuan School of Public Policy, Singapore Public Service and the World Bank on motivation and the adequacy of incentives, specific to public servants. The event will highlight the importance of an effective and motivated public service.

Public Service Post-2015 (PSP-15) "Restoring the Public Service Ethos"
   22 July 2014, Singapore

Building on the success of the Public Service Dialogue in 2013, PSP-2015 will bring innovative public sector leaders together with influential thinker-practitioners to discuss the needs of public service in the post-MDG world. We will seek to identify and promote policies and practices that improve the ability of the public sector to deliver in a complex, rapidly-changing world. This year our specific focus is on public service motivation and ethos.

"Driving Radical Transformation of Public Services"
   18 July 2014, Singapore

Roundtable Talk on how digital and design can be used as drivers for radical transformation in public services. Drawing on examples of FutureGov's work in the UK and Australia as well as with UNDP in Albania, Georgia, and Macedonia, Dominic Campbell talked about ways to achieve public service innovation.

R&D Event: Foresight for Development – Shaping Alternative Futures
   16-17 June 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

This joint Research & Development event organised in collaboration with the UNDP ECIS Regional Centre brought together UNDP practitioners from the ECIS region and international experts for an exposure to state-of-the-art practices in foresight & strategic planning.

"Women, Excellence and Public Service"
   3 June 2014, Singapore

The Global Centre hosted UNDP Administrator Helen Clark for her inaugural lecture on "Women’s Equal Participation and Leadership in Decision-Making" which was followed by a panel discussion, featuring women leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Vietnam.

"Leadership and the Challenge of Change"
  30 April 2014, Singapore

The Global Centre partnered with KPMG to hold an International Development Conference which featured the Asian launch of the 2013 Change Readiness Index - a unique tool for measuring the key determinants that impact a country’s ability to react to and manage change - and key findings from the Developmental Leadership Programme, one of the most innovative research programs in international development.

"Development on Small Islands – What does a complexity approach have to offer?"
  29 April 2014, Singapore

Ahead of the 3rd UN Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), the Global Centre organised a half-day conference in collaboration with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy to consider the value of complexity-aware approaches to tackling development issues on SIDS.  It focused on exploring the nonlinear nature of development and highlighted that there are no simple answers, even in the SIDS context.

Review of the Political-Bureaucratic Leadership Interface
  28 April 2014, Singapore

Dr Niheer Dasandi (Research Fellow, Developmental Leadership Programme) presented and discussed lessons from a review of the political-bureaucratic leadership interface in successful developmental states, such as Singapore. The DLP is one of the most innovative research programs in international development, funded by Australia and based at the University of Birmingham (UK).

"Accounting for Endings to Mass Violence in Southeast Asia: Military, Civilian and International Models Compared"
  7 April 2014, Singapore

Talk organised in collaboration with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). Dr Claire Smith (University of York, UK) will present research to challenge the notion that liberal endings to mass violence have more success in establishing long-run stability and peace rather than outright military victories or mediated states created by political patronage networks and bargains. 

Collaborative Capacity in the Public Service of Tomorrow
 19 March 2014, Singapore

We host Dr Henry Kippin, Director of Collaborate for a presentation and roundtable discussion. He will discuss the challenge for public services to go beyond short-term adaptation and crisis management to a realignment of the state around a fundamentally new social, economic and political context. To attend please follow the link.

Activate:Singapore 2014
 16-17 January 2014, Singapore

Activate is a high-profile global platform organised by The Guardian featuring discussions on transformational changes in the ways we do business and shape the world’s future. The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence was a partner of the inaugural South-east Asian event in Singapore, which included a competition for young start-up companies (Tech Talent Day) and the Activate Summit at which senior UNDP representatives spoke.

Visit of a high-level delegation from Iraq
 16-18 December 2013, Singapore
A delegation of senior Iraqi government officials from various Ministries, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Council of Ministers visited the Global Centre for a three day programme of interactions and exposure. It was facilitated in collaboration with the Singapore Civil Service College. The mission included Malaysia and Singapore and was sponsored by the Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme. To feature a third reform experience from the region, Global Centre secured the participation of a speaker from New Zealand State Services Commission.

Consultation on the Co-Design of Public Policy and Services
 1-3 December 2013, Singapore
Government decision-makers, UNDP colleagues and leading thinker-practitioners of the design-thinking and social innovation sphere explored whether and how these approaches can benefit public service innovation ecosystems. Delegates came from countries which hosted Public Service Innovation Labs as well as countries that are exploring or already applying design thinking in the public service (e.g. Australia, the Netherlands, and Singapore). Two discussion papers which explore how to best leverage co-design in the Public Service informed the discussions and will soon be published.

Social Innovation Camp Asia 2013, Regional Summit 
28 November till 1 December 2013, Singapore
The final event of the UNDP supported series of Social Innovation Camps accross Asia (see link below) brought together the winning teams for a regional summit in Singapore. Mentors and potential sponsors/ investors gave their feedback and support to refine their pitches and prototypes.

Public Service Innovation Labs 
September to November 2013, Southeast Asia
Governments around the globe are reaching out to citizens and the private sector to co-create and collaborate thereby fostering innovation within the public service. The Centre has partnered with Social Innovation Camp Asia to generate innovations at 8 camps across Southeast Asia: Bangkok, Cebu, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, and Singapore. Each event will provide a platform for various stakeholders, designers, programmers and citizens at large to re:think and re:create public services. 

Developmental Leadership 
21 October 2013, Singapore
The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence hosted leading academics and top officials for a rich exchange of views and experience with the Developmental Leadership Program – one of the world’s leading research programmes looking into governance challenges in international development.

Young Researcher Series 
15 August 2013, Singapore
The Centre launched its new Young Researcher Series, featuring a presentation on Indonesia’s certification system which is meant to spread sustainability principles in highly contested palm oil sector. The young researchers featured in this first event are studying policy options for the development of sustainable palm oil as part of their Masters at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in partnership with UNDP Indonesia. NUS Professors, GCPSE staff as well as PhD and Masters students attended the event, challenging the findings and engaging in an insightful discussion.

Visit of the UN Deputy Secretary-General 
2 May 2013, Singapore
Mr. Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary-General, visited the Centre on the occasion of his visit to Singapore. In an interaction with key stakeholders and partners he congratulated the Government and UNDP on the establishment of the Centre and echoed the need for public service to adjust with 21st century challenges and rapidly changing realities.

Briefing on the 2013 Human Development Report 
19 April 2013, Singapore
The Lee Kuan Yew School and the Centre organised a briefing on the 2013 Human Development Report, drawing attention to the key message of the report "The Rise of the South". The event was attended by a primarily academic audience, embassy staff, and colleagues from Singapore-based think tanks and consultancies. Participants were particularly interested in the methodology for measuring inequality and the human development index, as well as the role of government and leadership in achieving human development results.

1st Public Service Dialogue 
5 March 2013, Singapore
A diverse group of eminent experts, practitioners and academics from Chile, China, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Rwanda and Singapore gathered to discuss global trends, challenges and opportunities that will guide the thrust areas of the Centre’s work and strategy. This event was a first in a dialogue series which is meant to feel the pulse of the global trends and issues in the field.

Review of the Political-Bureaucratic Leadership Interface
  30 April 2014, Singapore

Dr Niheer Dasandi (Research Fellow, Developmental Leadership Programme) will present and discuss lessons from a review of the political-bureaucratic leadership interface in successful developmental states, such as Singapore. The DLP is one of the most innovative research programs in international development, funded by Australia and based at the University of Birmingham (UK).
Review of the Political-Bureaucratic Leadership Interface
  30 April 2014, Singapore

Dr Niheer Dasandi (Research Fellow, Developmental Leadership Programme) will present and discuss lessons from a review of the political-bureaucratic leadership interface in successful developmental states, such as Singapore. The DLP is one of the most innovative research programs in international development, funded by Australia and based at the University of Birmingham (UK).
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Today’s challenges demand ever higher levels of public service excellence. Serving citizens is essential, but no longer enough. The public service has to create an environment where governments,  the private sector and citizens can collaborate to create solutions that put societies on a sustainable development path.” –  Niloy Banerjee, Knowledge Innovation and Capacity Development Group of UNDP.

There is tremendous potential for replication and scaling-up of successful South-South experience through the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence.”  - Yiping Zhou, Director, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation