Projects and Initiatives

Uzbekistan: Empowering communities to address local needs

The Government of Uzbekistan has been increasing the role of local authorities and communities in providing essential services and encouraging more funding to come from local more

Azerbaijan: Technology to the aid of pensioners

Ali Mammadov still remembers the long trek to the post office, the endless lines, and waiting days—sometimes even weeks—to receive his modest pension. Now, the Azerbaijani more

National Implementation and Use of Country Systems - Bangladesh

Using a country’s own institutions and systems increases aid effectiveness by strengthening the partner country’s sustainable capacity to develop, implement and account for its policies to its citizens and parliament. more

Africa Regional Capacity Development Project

The lack of capacity is one of the compelling development challenges facing sub-Saharan African countries and regional institutions. Capacity constraints are serious impediments to the design and implementation of gender-responsive growth-oriented poverty reducing policies and programmes. more

Local Service Delivery – Bulgaria

In addressing the problem of specialized care and labour problems, the Bulgarian Government and UNDP worked together in training the unemployed in the vulnerable age group of over 50 as social assistants, who could then provide social services to the elderly and people with disabilities in their own homes. more

UNDP Support in Haiti

UNDP has been supporting Haiti mostly in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). A first phase of South-South exchanges on DRR with Cuba was completed in 2009, but the process was then interrupted by the devastating earthquake in January. The exchange enabled Haiti to review and strengthen their capacity to address hurricanes, particularly learning from the Early Warning Systems in Cuba. more

Local Service Delivery - Namibia

The Government of Namibia faced capacity challenges to deliver basic services such as limited number of skilled laborers, financial constraints and decentralization. These challenges would lead to situations where roads used for solid waste management were not accessible and did not meet the needs of the citizens. more

National and Sector Strategy – Liberia

Liberia’s successful transition from conflict to peace, stability and development presented an opportunity to rebuild its capacity lost from decades of civil conflict. UNDP's support to the government included assessment of existing capacities, strategic support to minimize risks and strengthen national ownership in a changing political context, identification of quick wins for implementation in four key ministries/agencies. more

Aid Tracking Efforts in Haiti

In the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, UNDP and the Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti supported the Government and the international community to establish an aid information management system. more