Capacity Development

UNDP supports capacity development initiatives of national governments, civil society organizations, independent national and regional institutions and other stakeholders through advocacy, policy advisory and implementation services.

Our Goals

Informed by a rigorous body of evidence drawn from many years of experience on the ground, UNDP provides policy advice, helps develop policy guidance, collects and provides evidence on what works and what doesn't, conducts research and analysis, and works as the in-house resource team for training country office and country team colleagues. On-the-ground technical support is provided in conducting capacity assessments, designing and executing capacity development responses, and helping set up systems that measure change in capacity over time.more

Facts and Figures

In the Republic of Moldova, local authorities, civil society groups and businesses work collaboratively to launch new companies, renovate social services infrastructure, and provide legal aid services and social assistance. More than 200,000 people have seen the benefits of peaceful cooperation. more

Our Stories

Projects & initiatives


Local Governance in Cambodia

A nation in need of reconstruction Few countries have faced such monumental challenges as Cambodia following the Khmer Rouge regime. Shattered infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of displaced persons and limited subnational governance capacity remained barriers to stability long after the 1993 elmore


Municipalities cooperate to deliver better services

Accurate maps to guide fire fighters, better roads and water systems, training for teachers of special needs children - these are among the many public services that smaller municipalities in the former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia can now offer their citizens. As part of a UNDP-supported prmore

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