National and Sector Capacity Development Strategies

 Photo: Tugela Ridley/IRIN

National and sector development plans and frameworks need to have concomitant capacity development strategies/frameworks to underpin them. Capacity development requires a priori planning and resourcing and should be treated less and less as an afterthought.

Unified capacity development frameworks are cost-effective, reducing the need for ad-hoc actions, aligning priorities and reducing transaction costs. When there is a clear plan and roadmap for how institutions' and organizations' capacities will evolve in response to changing demands and needs, there is greater success in meeting goals. For instance, thematic capacity development plans need to be drawn up where multi-sectoral responses are required.

UNDP supports policy choices and investment options, through establishing the thematic or geographic context, designing and providing technical support for national and sectoral capacity development strategies and offering policy advice on resource coordination for the sectoral approach. Additionally, UNDP facilitates South-South learning exchanges on national and sector capacity development strategies.