Focus Areas

The UNDP’s capacity development mission is helping people and their institutions perform better, sustain that performance over time and remain resilient during ‘shocks’ – to effectively contribute to the national human development goals.

  • Aid and Development Effectiveness

    To reduce poverty, create sustainable development and meet the MDGs, it is necessary that development assistance and particularly of financial aid be not just available, but also effective.more 

  • National Implementation Capacities and Use of Country Systems

    If an “implementation gap” exists between development strategies and the capacities required to execute them, even well planned, structured and budgeted programmes will waste time and money in the best case, or in the worst case, fail.more 

  • National and Sector Capacity Development Strategies

    National and sector development plans and frameworks need to have concomitant capacity development strategies/frameworks to underpin them. Capacity development requires a priori planning and resourcing and should be treated less and less as an afterthought.more 

  • Local Service Delivery

    As part of the poverty reduction and MDGs local level efforts, UNDP supports country programmes to develop their capacity to increase access to basic public services for the poor and the potential of multi-stakeholders partnerships to complement traditional public service delivery approaches.more