UNDP brings the Social Good Summit to Rwanda | Auke Lootsma

19 Sep 2013

 girl at desk with computer Rwanda's blooming youth population will be part of discussions on how technological innovations, social media and entrepreneurship can support Rwanda’s development. (Photo: UNDP Rwanda)

The Social Good Summit is a three-day conference where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. Last year, people gathered in nearly 300 cities and 150 countries to discuss how to make progress on local and global challenges.

We at UNDP in Rwanda will be part of the bigger conversation about the challenges of the next generation, and how we can address them now.

In Kigali on 23 September, we will investigate how key individuals in our country are already pioneering technological innovations to engineer social change that will leave lasting impacts. Young Rwandan entrepreneurs from different walks of life who are an inspiration to the nation will talk about their achievements and how organizations big and small can work together with individuals and national and world leaders to maximize their footprint.

As in many African countries, Rwanda's youth population has boomed (65 percent of Rwandans are below 35 years of age). The Kigali Social Good Summit offers a unique opportunity to discuss how technological innovations, social media and entrepreneurship can inspire this youth population to support Rwanda’s development.

UNDP Rwanda invited four reputable universities in Rwanda to a live-streamed meet up to connect with the panel and each other, discussing how technology and social media can positively impact the issues important to them.

UNDP Rwanda, as part of the One UN, is striving to partner with people at all levels of Rwanda’s society to drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves everyone’s quality of life and offers opportunities for young Rwandans to be gainfully employed.

Get involved now by participating in our Facebook discussion, tweeting using #socialgoodRW and following the debate live on 23 September from 5 to 7 p.m. (Kigali time).

Talk to us: What should be done in order to facilitate skills development for young people in an increasingly digitalized world?

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