Interagency Procurement

UNDP may establish procurement relationships with other agencies, funds and programmes in the United Nations System in order to secure cost, delivery and quality for the goods and services it acquires for its projects and programmes, and to collaborate with its sister organizations in support of their respective mandates. 

UNDP may purchase goods or services from another UN agency. UNDP may also co-purchase, joining another UN agency to contract for goods or services to obtain economies of scale or some other benefit. In certain situations, UNDP may also be hired by another UN agency to negotiate and/or manage specific contracts. These procurement relationships often involve Service Level Agreements, Multi-Agency Long-Term Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, or a Long-Term Agreement established and managed by UNDP.

The agency seeking to purchase particular goods or services is known as the requesting agency, while the agency that uses its contracts or procurement staff to supply the requested goods or services is known as the servicing agency.

Please contact PSO if you believe you can provide value-added solutions for these types of arrangements.