Individual Consultants

Most of UNDP’s procurement activities are dedicated to acquiring services, which may be executed by companies or by individuals. Individuals provide services directly to UNDP under the Individual Contract (IC) modality. 

The IC modality may be used when:

  1. Services cannot be provided by existing staff due to a lack of specialized knowledge or expertise;
  2. The assignment is results-oriented and can be completed on or off UNDP premises, within a definite period of time linked to deliverables;
  3. The assignment requires the performance of non-staff duties.
  4. ICs are engaged through a Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) that is awarded through a competitive process, covering professional fees and certain expenses, such as travel, if and when required. Country Offices may issue Expressions of Interest (EOI) from time to time, in order to keep a roster of potential ICs. 

ICs are not considered staff and do not receive entitlements when engaged by UNDP. If the services require travel, individuals may be given “Expert on Mission” status.