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The Procurement Support Office (PSO) supports UNDP Country Offices UNDP around the world by strengthening and improving the procurement function. PSO is a part of the Bureau of Management, which provides advisory and transactional services that allow UNDP to achieve programme and development results.

PSO enables Country Offices and Business Units at Headquarters to obtain best value for money when buying goods and services. PSO units provide advisory assistance, draft procurement policies and offers world-class procurement training and certification.

Upon request, PSO may also undertake direct procurement activities for complex or urgent purchasing through the Global Procurement Unit (GPU) and the Central Procurement Unit (CPU).

GPU, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has three dedicated teams of procurement specialists. The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Team partners with the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) to support relief-to-rehabilitation/reconstruction activities.  The Global Fund team plays an important role in the UNDP/ Global Fund  partnership, working to ensure the uninterrupted supply of time-sensitive, life-saving medicines and health products by procuring these goods and developing innovative approval and supply chain management methodologies.  The Elections Team provides strategic guidance and operational support in electoral procurement to UNDP Country Offices and Electoral Management Bodies around the world.

The Central Procurement Unit, CPU, based in New York, provides a strategic, centralized procurement process for Headquarters Business Units, ensuring quality services, efficiency, compliance and value-added to projects.  CPU works closely with the Office of Information Systems and Technology (OIST) and the Security Office to meet UNDP’s hardware, software and specialized technology needs.  CPU may also collaborate with Country Offices for high volume and complex procurement actions, such as international border crossing, green buildings, and irrigation projects. CPU is tasked with standardizing and consolidating requirements in order to establish Long-Term Agreements, which are framework contracts for UNDP.  VSAT, Medical Insurance, Engineering, Finance Certification and Audit Services are all purchased through LTAs.



Procurement Annual Report

Procurement at UNDP 2012-2013 Annual Report – download the full PDF.

What We Do

An overview of how Procurement at UNDP enables development results; the role of the Procurement Support Office (PSO); and key procurement projects.


Streamlining vehicle procurement across UN system

Representatives of the multi-agency High Level Committee on Management (HLCM) Procurement Network met at Palais des Nations to highlight how the processes for purchasing and using vehicles can best be streamlined across the UN system.