Sustainable Procurement

While UNDP addresses a number of climate change issues across its thematic focus areas, these problems cannot be tacked without making a shift to more sustainable production and consumption practices. Sustainable procurement means making sure that the products and services UNDP buys are as sustainable as possible, with the lowest environmental impact and most positive social results. Procurement, therefore, plays a key role in contributing to sustainable development. UNDP wants to engage with vendors who share this goal.

PSO will continue to support sustainable procurement by:

  • Developing sustainable specifications for goods and services
  • Using sustainable corporate citizenship in awarding contracts
  • Incorporating total cost of ownership into evaluation criterial
  • Providing assistance to Country Offices on how to work with governments on sustainable practice
  • Get useful feedback
    Most potential vendors find that it takes times to win a contract through a competitive process. In order to minimize this learning curve, we encourage vendors who are unsuccessful bidders to request a de-brief from the procurement officer who led the procurement action. Debriefs, which may be conducted over the phone or over email, allow potential vendors to better understand the particular weaknesses of their offers, and detect which areas can be improved for future exercises.

    Practitioner's Guide to Sustainable Procurement