Results at a Glance

Key development results 2014


Sustainable development pathways. UNDP projects led to:

  • 11.2 million people (5.7 million women) benefiting from improved livelihoods in 94 countries
  • 920,000 new jobs (41 percent for women) being created in 77 countries
  • 33 countries adopting policies and systems to boost employment and livelihoods creation
  • Technology support in 48 countries to phase out gases that destroy the ozone layer
  • 40 countries or entities implementing or completing MDG acceleration framework action plans
  • 39 countries implementing measures towards low-emission and climate-resilient development objectives

Inclusive and effective democratic governance. UNDP projects led to:

  • Over 18 million new voters registered in 21 countries, including nearly 4 million in Afghanistan, where one million more women registered than in 2009
  • 750,000 people (51 percent women) in 22 countries gaining access to legal aid services
  • 1.4 million people receiving antiretroviral treatment in 20 countries
  • 22 million people receiving HIV-related behavioural change communication in 20 countries
  • Over 7 million people (49 percent women) expressing their vision for the future through the
  • UNDP-hosted ‘My World’ global survey, the largest crowd-sourcing exercise in United Nations history

Resilience building. UNDP projects led to:

  • 98 new disaster reduction and adaptation plans being put in place in 23 countries
  • 21 countries with enforceable laws or regulations to address disaster and climate risks
  • 1.3 million people achieving better access to energy in 26 countries
  • 158 new early warning systems in 17 countries
  • 254 new disaster response and recovery plans in 14 countries