Gina Casar: Statement on UNDP’s commitment at the Cookstoves Future Summit

Nov 21, 2014

New York

Excellencies, Delegates, Colleagues,

I congratulate the Alliance on its achievements so far, particularly by embedding cookstoves in a broader development context.

At UNDP, we also take a development approach to this issue by focusing on five key areas:

* First, strengthening commercial markets for energy efficient cookstoves;

* Second, greening of the fuel supply chain;

* Third, catalyzing public and private investments through enabling policy and regulatory environments;

* Fourth, raising awareness and building capacities; and

* Fifth, embedding cookstove projects in broader initiatives linked to poverty reduction, gender quality, and sustainable forest management.

This approach is reflected in our forthcoming Sustainable Energy Framework and draws on twenty years of experience on community- and national-level initiatives. In Nepal, we supported the introduction of 1100 efficient stoves. This has yielded significant time savings for women, particularly by reducing wood collection and cooking. Carbon emissions have also been reduced.

Similarly, our efforts to improve charcoal value chains help save households time and money, spur job creation, and reduce deforestation and carbon emissions. We work on charcoal value chains in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Timor Leste, and Myanmar.

UNDP remains committed to mobilizing resources for scaling-up national and local-level cookstove and bioenergy initiatives.

We look forward to working with all partners to accelerate the adoption of cleaner cooking solutions and fuels for the benefit of health, the environment, and human development.

Thank you.

UNDP Around the world