Statement on UNDP Country Programmes and Related Matters

Sep 2, 2010

Statement by Associate Administrator to the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board

Item: UNDP Country Programmes and Related Matters

2 September 2010

Mr. President,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am pleased to introduce this item on UNDP country programmes and related matters.

At the annual session of the Executive Board of UNDP and UNFPA in Geneva in June, 12 draft programmes were submitted to be reviewed. There was also a single second one-year extension and three two-year extensions submitted for approval, and fourteen first one-year extensions submitted for information.
A number of country programmes were deferred from the second regular session due to the operational challenges that our partner countries are facing. In most cases, the alignment of programmes and the national development agenda were our major consideration. With a particular concern for national ownership and a clear focus on identifying results that may help produce transformative changes, UNDP worked with government counterparts and other development partners to produce these country programmes.

In a short while I will invite the regional directors to present more specific information about these programmes and respond to your statements. Before that, let me outline the documentation before you.

The Pakistan programme is among the 12 draft programmes that were submitted for review at the Annual Session in June.  Given the magnitude of the recent floods and their staggering impact, I would like to mention it in particular.

The Country Programme Document for Pakistan 2011-2012 has been designed to be a flexible instrument, and can accommodate UNDP’s support to the implementation of the existing Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan, the Post-Conflict Needs Assessment, and now also our response to the floods.

As you heard the Administrator yesterday, moving forward, UNDP will reorient its efforts in Pakistan towards early recovery work and strengthening Pakistan’s disaster preparedness.

There are also eight new programmes:
  • For Africa: Burkina Faso and Zambia
  • For Asia and the Pacific: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Maldives
  • For the Arab States: Somalia
  • And for Latin America and the Caribbean: Uruguay and Chile

Each draft programme is accompanied by an evaluation plan and the UNDAF results matrix for that country. Six of the submissions have drawn on assessments of development results (or ADRs) and one on a performance summary.

There is also one programme extension:
A second one-year extension of the country programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran

As I mentioned, these programmes were formulated through intense consultative processes, which included extensive interaction with Permanent Missions here in New York. I trust these efforts have fully taken on board the considerations of Members of the Board, and the necessary assurances of focus and quality in keeping with the Strategic Plan.

I am now going to invite the regional directors to speak about their respective programmes in more detail. 

Before that, let me conclude by inviting you to:
  1. Review the eight deferred draft programmes
  2. Approve the one deferred second one-year extension
  3. Approve the 12 draft programmes that were submitted for review at the Annual Session.
Thank you.

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