Statement by UNDP Administrator Helen Clark on Adoption of Res 1888

Oct 1, 2009

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark expressed her strong support for the unanimous United Nations Security Council decision to adopt Resolution 1888 on sexual violence in armed conflict, put forward by the United States. 

Helen Clark said that for women and children exposed to the horror of sexual violence as a weapon of war, war all too often continues even after a peace agreement has been signed.  In such circumstances, there is no genuine peace dividend for them.

"It is important to provide women and children traumatised by these crimes access to justice, and to end the impunity afforded to perpetrators.  It is also important to work with grassroots organizations, both in the prevention of and response to sexual violence.  Response may involve recruiting more women police officers,and by training police, judges, paralegals, court administrators, and religious leaders so that women are given the means and the space to speak out about their suffering and receive justice through informal and formal systems. We must also encourage women to take leadership roles in societies recovering from trauma – not only in politics, but also in the economic and social spheres."

Helen Clark said that the passage of Resolution 1888 today shows that there is now significant international support and momentum behind finding solutions to the scourge of sexual violence during and in the aftermath of armed conflict.

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