Russian Federation and UNDP join efforts on sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan

Dec 24, 2013


Kyrgyzstan – The Russian Federation granted the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kyrgyztan US$ 3.5 million for the implementation of a development programme in Naryn Province.  This is a milestone in the bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and UNDP.

The agreement on the two years funding, to start in 2014, was signed on December 20th by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, represented by Ambassador in the Kyrgyz Republic Andrey Krut’ko, and UNDP’s Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator Alexander Avanessov.

“The programme takes into consideration the national priorities of the Kyrgyz Republic as reflected in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Kyrgyzstan for 2012-2017, international commitments to the Millennium Development Goals, and specific needs of the residents of Naryn Province. This is one of the most remote and mountainous areas of the country, where standards of living, as well as social and industrial structures, need serious support and development." said Alexander Avanessov.

The programme aims to reducing poverty in Naryn Province by creating conditions for balanced and sustainable socio-economic developmen and improving agribusiness, vocational education, and financing local initiatives through small grants. It will benefit directly about 30,000 people, paying special attention to solving socio-economic problems of women and youth.

UNDP will partner with local authorities, local communities, farmers and small and medium-sized businesses, and will promote the strengthening of economic ties between Naryn Province and other regions of the Russian Federation.

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