Thousands turn out in 160 countries for world premiere of ‘One Day on Earth’

Apr 23, 2012

New York—A feature-length documentary film that captures scenes from life in every country in the world —all in one day on 10 October 2010—  was screened in 160 countries on Earth Day, April 22, 2012. Theaters were filled to capacity from Andorra to Zimbabwe, including the famed Mann Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

“What I liked about the movie was that people were able to speak for themselves, that’s what made the film so authentic. It shows the power of people in every country in the world, saying what they thought about issues,” said United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Helen Clark, who attended the full house New York premiere at the 1,800-seat capacity UN General Assembly.

Screenings were held around the world, in places such as the main square of Katmandu, Nepal, the French Institute in Kabul and in Sierra Leone’s only cinema, which was also filled to capacity.

The film was created with an international community of filmmakers and with funders including The Ford Foundation’s JustFilms Initiative. UNDP offices in more than 95 countries participated in and contributed to the filming of this documentary with footage highlighting issues such as women’s empowerment, sustainable development, cultural diversity and people working together to solve  pressing challenges.

UNDP has extended its support to the project through 2015. Since the screening, the filmmakers Kyle Ruddick (founder/director) and Brandon Litman, (co-founder/executive producer), say they have received requests for additional screenings worldwide. The film will continue to be available for US audiences through, an online platform that enables people to bring the films they want to their local theaters.

“The mixture of talented filmmakers, a dedicated crew, supportive partners, and new technology made a dream come true. This has been the project of a lifetime and I hope to continue to collaborate with the One Day on Earth community for years to come,” said Ruddick.

“The film clearly shows the power of the community and movement. We have unprecedented support to unite media creators and make a significant impact through a joint effort. This is just the beginning," said Litman.

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