UNDP welcomes Germany’s renewed funding of Global Fund projects

Jul 7, 2011

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Aid Released for Projects Run by International Organizations

New York — The UN Development Programme (UNDP) welcomes Germany’s decision to reinstate half the funding it had withheld from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria, substantially aiding international efforts to fight the three diseases. 

The decision, announced Monday by Germany’s Development Aid Ministry spokesman Sebastian Lesch, means Berlin will release US$145 million of the $290 million it originally pledged for 2011 to the Global Fund. Germany is the fourth largest donor to the Global Fund, having pledged more than $ 2.1 billion since its creation in 2002—including $857 million earmarked for 2011-13.

Germany is stipulating that its money be used only in countries where the Global Fund tasks international organizations such as UNDP with delivering aid. German officials had blocked the funding in January amid media attention to the Fund’s own findings that some individuals had misused some funding in four countries.

Both the Fund and its partner organizations are continually tightening controls and safeguards against corruption and waste.

UNDP early this year announced new measures aimed at further strengthening safeguards against fraud and corruption in the global fight against pandemic diseases in the developing world.  The UNDP Executive Board agreed, further, in June to facilitate access by the Global Fund to UNDP internal audits of programmes financed by the Global Fund.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria is the largest international channel of financial support for work on those three diseases, which disproportionately affect the world’s least developed countries. 

UNDP, the UN’s global development agency, acts as Principal Recipient for some 12 percent of the Global Fund’s overall portfolio, mainly in uniquely challenging environments such as in countries emerging from natural disasters, conflicts, or political crises.

UNDP management is notably pleased by Germany’s continued support for efforts to achieve Millennium Development Goal 6, fighting diseases including HIV/AIDS and malaria.
UNDP’s partnership with the Global Fund has brought treatment to more than 26 million cases of malaria and 700,000 cases of tuberculosis from Southern Sudan to the Democratic Republic of Congo to Liberia, Belarus, Haiti, and Tajikistan.

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