UNDP and Norway sign a new two-year agreement

Dec 6, 2010

UNDP chief Helen Clark and Ambassador Morten
Wetland of the Norwegian Mission to the UN
sign and formalize the Norway-UNDP Programme
Cooperation Agreement.
(Photo: UNDP)

NEW YORK, 06 December 2010 - The Norwegian Government renewed its strong and longstanding commitment to development issues today, by signing with UNDP a renewal of their Programme Cooperation Agreement for the period 2010-2011.

“UNDP plays a crucial role in many countries. That is why we are supporting its work to advance democratic governance and combat corruption. These efforts help to safeguard the rights of individuals, and help to ensure that politicians and authorities are held accountable to the people,” said Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim. “We would like to see positive, long-term development in the world’s poorest countries. This will only be possible if these countries are enabled to address crises in such a way that human suffering and material damage are minimised. UNDP plays an important role in this area, for instance by helping countries to develop their own emergency preparedness plans for dealing with floods and other natural disasters,” Mr. Solheim said.

Nearly $41.55 million (NOK 250 million) will be provided to UNDP programmes covering key areas including Democratic Governance, Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Energy and Environment. “UNDP has a key role in the reconstruction of societies in the wake of humanitarian crises. The organisation’s considerable expertise and extensive experience of capacity development of governance structures are vital for strengthening vulnerable states in post-conflict situations. We will continue to support the leading role played by UNDP in this area. This is an important and demanding area, which Norway wishes to give high priority to,” Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said.

Since 2003, when the Government of Norway and UNDP signed a Framework Agreement on Programme Cooperation in the field of Development Cooperation, Norway and UNDP have partnered on a biennial basis to support the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals in developing countries through the work of UNDP.

Miss Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP, and Ambassador Morten Wetland, Permanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations, signed the new agreement in New York today. "Norway has been a strong and longstanding supporter of UNDP, and our partnership is extremely important. I applaud Norway's leadership on key development issues, which finds expression in their generous support to UNDP, as is demonstrated by this new agreement which supports our work on critical areas such as democratic governance, anti-corruption, human rights, energy and environment and on crisis prevention and recovery”, Helen Clark said.

Norway continues to be one of UNDP’s topmost donors, channeling about $350 million through UNDP annually in 2009 and 2010. This includes approximately $91 million for several multi-donor funds that UNDP administers on behalf of the UN system.

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