Antonio Banderas joins MDG campaign in Latin America & the Caribbean

Sep 7, 2010

Antonio BanderasPanama City/Geneva - The UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, Antonio Banderas, added his voice to the campaign to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Latin America and the Caribbean through a poster in which he issues a call to reduce inequality.

“Only by reducing inequality will the MDGs be achievable in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said the Spanish actor, who became a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador last March.

“The region has the necessary elements to achieve the MDGs. But there is a major obstacle to their achievement: it is the most unequal region on the planet. The fifth richest part of the population receives almost 60 percent of all income, while the poorest fifth only gets 3 percent,” warns Banderas.

In his call, Banderas asks everyone to make a commitment: the richest countries to meet their commitments and increase aid to development, open their markets and reduce debt, and developing countries to offer opportunities to their populations.

The first Regional Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean recently published by UNDP has as its core message that inequality reduction should be a political priority for the region. To achieve this reduction in a sustainable way, we need to foster those mechanisms that make it long-lasting and link these socio-economic inequalities between generations.

Heraldo Muñoz, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Director of the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, underscored the importance of having Banderas to promote the goals and values of the UNDP. “We are pleased to have a film personality such as Antonio to help us disseminate our tasks. Reducing inequality and achieving the MDGs are challenges for which we need to increase the number of supporting voices. His commitment to our causes turn him into a great ally for UNDP.”

The poster with Banderas’ message was officially launched today by Luis Felipe Lopez Calva -Chief Economist, UNDP Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean-, during a presentation of the regional HDR in Managua. This poster joins other UNDP initiatives to disseminate the MDGs and commit different government and civil society stakeholders to achieving them.

Antonio Banderas was born in Malaga, Spain and is a renowned actor, writer, singer and producer. His films include Assassins, Evita, Interview with the Vampire, Philadelphia, The Mask of Zorro, Desperado and Woody Allen’s recent work You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. He is simultaneously writing, directing and producing a feature film on Boabdil (Abu Abd Allah Muhammad XII), the last king of Granada, Spain. Currently, the actor is immersed in the filming of director Pedro Almodovar’s latest work, The Skin I live In, together with actresses Elena Anaya and Marisa Paredes.

See the poster (pdf, 200Kb)

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