Mozambique making progress but real challenges lie ahead

Jul 20, 2009

Mozambique has made remarkable progress in the improvement of the lives of its citizens, according to a country report of African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) launched in the capital, Maputo, on July 16.

The report, which follows the peer review made by heads of state of the African Union in Libya in May 2009 contains achievements, recommendations as well as government comments.

However, major challenges will have to be overcome in order to sustain its development advances.

The report points cites economic reforms and advances in health and education as real achievements. Among the areas that still needed improvement were: corruption; policy-making; increased inequalities; political inclusion; high poverty levels, high HIV and AIDS prevalence rates; heavy dependency on development partners; issues of land ownership, and the existence of an unfavorable business climate.

During the launch of the report, Aiuba Cuereneia , the Minister of Planning and Development, praised the self-assessment process of national governance carried out by civil society, the private sector and political parties throughout the country and the continent.

“Mozambique can rightly be proud of its accomplishments. However, determined efforts by the government and all segments of society are still required to accelerate and sustain the good start that has been made in promoting democratization, civil liberties, socio-economic transformation and reducing poverty," he said.

“UNDP Mozambique has been supporting the peer review process of the country since late 2006," said Ndolamb Ngokwey, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Mozambique.

“The media, and civic society in whole, should be alert in following-up the political development and implementation of the ARPM action plan. Mozambique has noteworthy developments in some areas while in others, such as HIV and AIDS and poverty reduction, much more needs to be done. There are still many challenges that could hamper improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable people, particularly,” he said.

The national ARPM action plan for 2010-2014, worth 3,9 million USD, is divided in four thematic areas: socio-economic development (88%), governance and economic management (9%), democracy and political governance (2%), and corporate governance (1%).

Mozambique was one of the first APRM members in March 2003. Through the ARPM process, Mozambique has hoped to make its development process transparent, equitable and participatory, laying the necessary conditions for sustainable growth and economic development.

UNDP has supported the process with an estimated annual budget of approximately 940,000 USD.

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