Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, to visit the DRC

Jun 10, 2009

Kinshasa - The United Nations is involved at the highest level in giving its support to the Congolese authorities in rebuilding the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Following a mission last March by the UNDP's Assistant Administrator and Regional Director of the Africa Bureau to the DRC, Administrator Helen Clark will make her first visit to Africa after taking up her position in April.  Miss Clark's visit from 13-15 June will take her to Kinshasa and Goma, and is a watershed event of symbolic significance: It means that UNDP is lending its support to the task of stabilization and reconstruction in the Congo after many years of crisis.

UNDP’s support for the reconstruction of the DRC will be the focus of various bilateral discussions between the UNDP Administrator and her delegation, and Congolese authorities, beneficiaries of UNDP intervention in the DRC, Agencies of the United Nations System, donors and lenders, and key development stakeholders. During her stay in the DRC, the UNDP Administrator will have talks with the Head of State, Joseph Kabila, as well as with the Prime Minister and Head of Government who will chair a group meeting that will bring together technical ministries working in close collaboration with UNDP, to wit: the Ministry for Decentralization and Regional Development, the Planning Ministry and Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism. Before this work meeting, Miss Clark will be hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.


Voter registration in the DRC

As a first step towards holding local elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Independent Electoral Commission, supported by the UNDP and the UN Mission to Congo has begun registering new voters.

The objective of the mission is to engage in discussions on strengthening UNDP’s support for recovery and ongoing reconstruction efforts. The UNDP Administrator intends to focus consultations with government authorities and other development stakeholders on ways to bolster cooperation with UNDP and identify solutions to the various problems experienced by the DRC.

Miss Clark's visit reaffirms the organisation’s support for governmental action plans currently undergoing implementation in the DRC. As a result, the UNDP Adminstrator will meet, during the Kinshasa phase of the trip, with artists, musicians and persons living with HIV/AIDS as well as with the national and international media. Her schedule also includes press conferences at the end of the main bilateral meetings with national authorities.

Finally, Miss Clark will be accompanied on this Mission by the Africa Regional Bureau Director and the latter’s Administrative Assistant, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Staff’s Press Officer. This attests to the importance in which UNDP in particular attaches to the DRC, and to the wellbeing of its inhabitants and the development of the country.

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