Associate Administrator holds productive talks with Chinese Government officials

Dec 11, 2012

In the first of a series of high-level meetings with Chinese leaders, UNDP Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan held talks with Vice-Minister of Commerce Li Jinzao. Vice-Minister Li spoke of his appreciation for UNDP’s commitment to China’s development including more recent support as China seeks to share its development experiences with the world.

Plans for a joint workshop on foreign aid practices for middle income countries, a joint analysis of China’s South-South engagements, new trilateral initiatives with Moldova, and the second phase of trilateral cooperation in cassava production with Cambodia were also discussed. Ms. Grynspan also agreed to work with the Ministry of Commerce to create opportunities for Chinese personnel to gain additional experience by working at UNDP in 2013.

The State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform was next on the Associate Administrator’s agenda and she met with Vice-Minister Wu Zhilun to discuss the close partnership UNDP has enjoyed with the Commission since 1991.

Ms. Grynspan and Vice-Minister Wu shared insights and thoughts on the fact that establishing quality and fairness in a public service systems is a challenge faced by many countries, including China.

The focus of UNDP’s cooperation with the Commissionover the next four years was also discussed at lengthand it was agreed that further research will be carried out and once completed, China’s public sector reform experiences will be documented and shared with other developing countries.

On December 11, Ms. Grynspan met with Vice-Minister of Civil Affairs Gu Zhaoxi to discuss progress in the development of social organisations under the UNDP Governance for Equitable Development Project. This project has sought to establish an enabling policy and a regulatory environment for civil society organizations. However, both parties agreed there is still a need for UNDP to assist in further strengthening this area of development.

Meanwhile, in a separate meeting with Vice-Minister of Science and Technology Zhang Laiwu, Ms. Grynspan reviewed progress made in distributing information about China’s rural poverty reduction experiences internationally, as well as agreeing on the importance of continuing to share knowledge about China’s green technologies in Africa and other developing regions of the world.

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