Country Strategies of Southern Cooperation Agencies: a Knowledge Exchange

Jul 6, 2012

During ECOSOC’s Development Cooperation Forum (DCF), on 5-6 July 2012 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, UNDP sponsored a side event on “Country Strategies of Southern Cooperation Agencies: a Knowledge Exchange”. The aim was to highlight mechanisms for decision-making, as well as innovative partnership models and development approaches.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy (BERA), together with the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation (SU/SSC) and the Capacity Development Group of the Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) co-organized the side event, with support from UNDP's regional bureaux.

From 22 countries, senior-level representatives from development cooperation agencies from emerging economies and other developing countries from different regions and some developed countries, from  Permanent Missions,  as well as from academia participated. Romesh Muttukumaru, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Director of BERA and Yiping Zhou, Director of SU/SSC co-chaired.

This informal session complemented the DCF high-level panel session on “Institutions for South-South Development Cooperation: Emerging Trends”.  With direct and relevant experience, participants reviewed how institutional setup affects and influences the implementation of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation at the country level.

There was a lively discussion of shared best practices among practitioners. Participants recognized UNDP’s important role as a multilateral platform for practical knowledge-sharing on South-South Cooperation as well as for capacity building.

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