Message on the UNDP investigation on the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan

Jun 18, 2012

In line with UNDP’s zero tolerance for fraud, investigations into various operational aspects of the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) are ongoing.

Appropriate temporary and permanent measures are being taken towards concerned contractors and staff in line with UNDP's strict anti-fraud policy, staff rules and regulations, as well as due process for all concerned, as the investigation progresses.

The investigation —which began weeks before allegations of fraud first appeared in the media — is conducted confidentially, as is normal practice, in order to preserve the process’ integrity and to protect the rights of all parties concerned.

The termination of contracts on 9 June of three UNDP service contractors who were previously working for LOTFA, further reiterates our commitment to prevent, identify and address all acts of fraud.

UNDP Afghanistan has already put in place international and national covering staff to maintain LOTFA’s activities and its crucial role in continuing to help professionalize the Afghan police force.

One of the achievements of LOTFA has been to provide technical support in the design and administration of the payroll system managed by the Afghan Ministry of Interior. Today 80 percent of the more than 135,000 Afghan police receive their salaries through verifiable electronic funds transfer (EFT), whereas five years ago, this figure was less than one percent. The rapid expansion of EFT has significantly reduced the potential for fraud or inaccurate payments.

Because of the significant challenges we are all aware of in Afghanistan, it is however not possible for UNDP to eliminate all risks associated with running its programmes in that country, but UNDP constantly endeavors to mitigate risks or enhance its country operations management efforts.

UNDP and its team in Afghanistan remain committed, in the midst of huge security challenges, to working transparently, constructively and collaboratively with all partners, including anti-corruption bodies, to further enhance the oversight and quality of programmes in the collective effort to improve the lives of the men, women and children of Afghanistan.

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