Yemenis head to the polls to elect president

Feb 21, 2012

A woman shows her blackened thumb after voting for the early presidential elections in Taiz, Yemen.

Yemenis head to the polls today to bring a close to more than three decades of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule.  These elections are a first step towards the implementation of the political transition agreement, based on the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative, signed on November 23rd of last year to end months of protests, violence and political impasse.

To support the Yemenis in their transition to democracy, UNDP worked closely with the Supreme Commission on Elections and Referenda (SCER) and the International community to coordinate efforts and promote civic engagement.

UNDP’s key activities in the buildup for these elections include:

  • Public outreach and education including design and procurement of all public outreach and voter education efforts, and their placement in different media outlets including televisions, radio, newspapers and social media.
  • Improvements to voter registry database including design and procurement of IT system for intra-SCER communication, as well as documentation of unregistered voters on election day;
  • Procurement of essential goods and services including equipment and crucial polling items; and
  • Building the capacity of SCER and training of personnel to staff polling stations.

To document people’s response and other activities related to the Presidential elections, UNDP dispatched 8 photographers to Sana’a, Aden, Hadramout, Hodaidah, Marib, Taiz and Dhamar. Photos can be viewed on the Multi-Donors Basket Fund website.

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