UNDP — a filmmaker on 11.11.11

Nov 11, 2011

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) staff across the globe joined over 20,000 filmmakers, students, humanitarian aid workers and other inspired people today to collaborate for “One Day on Earth,” a global video snapshot of a single 24-hour period in every country on earth.

Footage has been shot in 120 countries — up from over 90 last year — where UNDP has projects and activities. In New York, where UNDP has its headquarters, the agency’s Administrator Helen Clark visited a bakery project in the Harlem neighbourhood. The project helps immigrant women acquire skills and learn English.

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said that initiatives like One Day on Earth help foster a better understanding of our common humanity. “UNDP has programmes in almost every developing country, working to empower lives and build resilient nations. The filming our people are doing today captures the full diversity of our work in so many different contexts.”

UNDP began its partnership with One Day on Earth in 2010 and filmed in over 90 countries. The result of their collaborative effort was an eight-minute film highlighting the breadth of UNDP’s development work in the areas of poverty reduction, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, and energy and environmental protection.

This year UNDP filmed in even more locations such as Afghanistan, Somalia, and Fiji to highlight stories that reflect UNDP’s new tagline: Empowered Lives. Resilient Nations.

 “The films will be used to tell the story of how we empower lives and build resilient nations around the world,” said Boaz Paldi, Head of UNDP’s video department. “It is a huge opportunity to put a human face on what we do — we deal with long-term development with a significant impact on people’s lives.”

A feature-length documentary from this year’s footage will be released in February 2012. The documentary will be screened in every country on a single day, with support from the United Nations. It will capture the countless stories of triumph, tragedy, hope and fear that take place every day and provide a rare glimpse into UNDP’s priority issues and programmes.

Visit the One Day on Earth website to submit your film and help document the world’s story.

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