UNDP continues to increase transparency

Sep 7, 2011

The United Nations Development Programme is expanding its transparency efforts, making key audit reports available and adopting a global standard in publishing financial data. 

"UNDP is committed to being transparent and to being accountable," said Helen Clark, head of the UN's development agency. "We have committed to full adoption of the common aid transparency standard by 2013."

Internal and external assessments show that UNDP is a leader within the UN in increasing overall efficiency, accountability and transparency. UNDP and the UN development system overall also have a track record of innovative thinking and of producing proposals which translate into policies and into action, producing development results.

UNDP internal audit reports, previously only accessible to UN member states, are now made available to organizations such as The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Clark said that UNDP, building on current efforts, will commit to publish additional information according to global transparency standards, which will make financial and project data available online in a way which is easy to access, use and understand.

UNDP currently publishes project information online from more than 100 country offices and reports financial flows in real-time from trust funds it administers.  In the Global Accountability Report's most recent evaluation of UNDP, the agency was awarded the top accountability score among 30 global organizations surveyed by the UK-based think tank.  UNDP is also in the process of implementing international accounting standards to further facilitate a true picture of the agency's financial situation.

On the ground in 177 countries and territories worldwide, UNDP continues to assist governments in empowering their citizens through projects and programmes that make a difference in people's lives, allowing for informed choices, and building the groundwork towards more resilient nations. 

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