UNDP chief tweets for women

Mar 8, 2011

Helen Clark tweets live on International Women's Day.

New York - UNDP chief Helen Clark celebrated International Women’s Day with a live Twitter chat from UNDP headquarters today in New York City.

“I can think of no better way to spark conversations around the globe on ending gender inequality than through the dynamic use of social media,” said Helen Clark, multitasking as she responded to a Tweet from LilPeackper. “These networks are an incredibly powerful advocacy tool to educate and interact on the challenges and opportunities we face, and to work together to address them.”

Helen Clark is an avid user of social media, pioneering their use at the United Nations with her own active Twitter and Facebook sites.

Participants in the chat were encouraged to send their questions or comments about how they could empower women and achieve gender equality as a way to fight poverty. Questions ranged from “Do you think an Arab woman will ever have the chance to run for the Presidency,” to “how can we achieve universal girls’ education,” to “is microcredit a useful tool to empower women?”

The chat garnered close to 2 million impressions on Twitter.

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