Farmers back on road to market in Pakistan

Jan 28, 2011

Road restored through a cash-for-work project.
(Photo: UNDP Pakistan)

“No one could reach our villages, we could not travel to visit doctors and most importantly the first post-flood crop of sugarcane, which we have managed to harvest, could not reach the market. But UNDP’s support to rebuild roads will help solve these problems.” Riaz Hussain in the village of Basti Lothar in Layyah District

Layyah -With roads washed away and tractors and other agricultural equipment destroyed, sugarcane farmers dependent on crops for food and livelihood faced the challenge of getting their first post-flood harvest to market.

A UNDP project in 15 villages of the Layyah area of southern Punjab is helping approximately 35,000 to rehabilitate roadways for crop transportation. It has been paying local residents US$6 per day for a five-day week of clearing, repaving and digging drainage for 14 market roads.

The project, implemented by the Awami Development Organization, involved seven villages and 41 local organizations and has repaired and rebuilt four tube wells, 14 sanitation facilities and nine water supply points. Work in this area is due to be completed this month.

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