Response to media coverage of Timor Leste National Human Development Report 2010

Jan 11, 2011

International and Australian media have recently reported on a leaked early draft of the Timor Leste National Human Development Report 2010.

This report generally focuses on progress achieved by Timor Leste, noting its free and fair elections, constitution-building, development vision, and legal framework for production, taxation and revenues management for the petroleum sector.

While the report is in an early draft form and is subject to further revisions before finalization, UNDP is not in a position to comment on its substance or detail.

The Timor Leste NHDR, like other national human development reports, is authored by an independent panel of experts. While consultation and peer review with UNDP, government and civil society partners are part of the process, views of the authors are respected and are not the official views of the United Nations.

The principal objective of NHDRs is to raise public awareness and trigger action on critical human development concerns. NHDRs are always produced in consultation with a range of national partners and are co-owned by national authorities. More than 600 NHDRs have been published around the world.

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