Voices from Iraq: thoughts about the MDGs

Sep 23, 2010

These films represent a few of the voices coming out of Iraq, of normal people living normal lives—in Baghdad—in a highly insecure environment. The people interviewed express their desire for clean water, education, more gender equality, of having their basic need met, concerns that any human being can relate to. In a place where the security situation never permits a so-called ‘normal life’, the exceptional reality becomes everyday life. However, despite the critical conditions, these films attest to the increasing need for long term development issues to be addressed. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will continue to work with other United Nations agencies to support the Government of Iraq in its attempt to address these needs, in a highly challenging setting.

Special thanks should be extended to Hussam A. Hadi and the Amman Jordan based organization, Spacetoon. As an international employee of the UNDP Iraq team, my movement in the country is highly restricted. Hussam, an Iraqi, contacted his colleagues in Baghdad to interview people in the streets about what they thought were important Millennium Development Goals for their country, and why.


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