Ukraine sets agenda to advance the Millennium Development Goals

Sep 20, 2010

The Government of Ukraine, working closely with the UNDP, produced an extensive assessment of Ukraine’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) performance and what actions are required to put the country on track to achieving these goals.
The National Report titled ‘The Millennium Development Goals. Ukraine – 2010’, identifies a concrete action agenda aimed at Ukraine’s achievement of the eight internationally-agreed targets which aim to reduce poverty, hunger, maternal and child deaths, diseases, gender inequality and environmental degradation by 2015. It will be presented at the World leaders’ MDG Summit in New York on 20-22 September.

The Report cites that although Ukraine has made some progress in reducing absolute poverty rates, infant and maternal deaths, ensuring access to school education and participating in Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms ,  there's still much left to be done.

Specifically, the relative poverty rates remain practically unchanged at about 28 per cent of general population, the disparity between life expectancy of men and women is still growing, the response to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics have been largely ineffective, while environmental indicators have either not changed or worsened.

“We are now only five years away from reaching the goals in time, but not yet in results. We need to boost performance on many fronts in Ukraine,” said UN Resident Coordinator Oliver Adam.   “There is a range of tried and tested policies that can help Ukraine reach its commitments. These policies must include fostering inclusive economic growth, ensuring equal access to quality health and education and scaling up HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis interventions. They need to better target social protection and increase employment opportunities, foster climate change mitigation and adaptation and focus on biodiversity conservation.”

The MDG Action Agenda 2010-2015 in Ukraine
The new National Report presents the following complementary strategies and policies for MDG acceleration:

  • Directing social policy towards ensuring high standards of living, enhancing the role of civil institutions and supporting civil initiatives on social protection with a focus on better targeting of social assistance.
  • Conducting radical reforms of the primary income redistribution system to avoid excessive income differentiation and to achieve fairer redistribution, in particular tax exemptions on incomes below the subsistence minimum, introduction of taxes on wealth, excessive real estate and heritage.
  • Introducing wage remuneration changes to prevent the spread of poverty among employed population.Developing an optimal and balanced network of pre-school, secondary school and higher school educational establishments according to the population’s needs and demographic situation with a focus on designing a national education assessment system to further ensure and enhance the public’s access to quality education.
  • Investing in expanded opportunities for women and girls and advancing their economic, legal and political empowerment.
    Increasing public investments in health, disease prevention, healthy lifestyle promotion and health-care infrastructure with a focus on improving the access to treatment for vulnerable population groups.
  • Enhancing access to energy-efficient technologies and promoting low-carbon development with a focus on reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Establishing partnerships between Government and business and increasing dialogue between the state and society with a focus on accelerating domestic resource mobilization to finance the MDGs.
The Ministry of Economy and UNDP in Ukraine initiated the MDGs mid-term review process in July 2009. They involved over 100 representatives from the Government institutions, think-tanks, United Nations agencies, international organizations, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine and civil society organizations. It resulted in concluding the current National Report, ‘The Millennium Development Goals. Ukraine – 2010’. In this process, efforts were made to analyse policy implications in various domains and to generate the updated MDGs targets for the Government until 2015.

Full text of Report is available in E-library at
For more information and media enquiries, please, contact Sergiy Grytsenko, UNDP Ukraine’s Communications Officer, at +380442540035.

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