Fiji races to deadline for Millennium Development Goals

Sep 17, 2010

A family gets help with its bread business, school children receive vitamins and transportation that boost their studies, a village replants trees that replenish the environment.
These are some of the stories of hope, determination and new ideas from the Pacific nation of Fiji in its race to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.
Working with other agencies, the United Nations Development Programme is helping ensure these types of efforts get off the ground and achieve success.
A Fijian mother of seven children, Paulini Latiyawa, has saved money through a banking programme supported by UNDP:
“I’ve come to know of the benefits of saving money, because I know that whatever little I save accumulates and is useful in the long run and it will help me in the future.”
An estimated 40 percent of the Fiji’s population lives below the poverty line.
Each individual triumph, like that of Latiyawa’s, steers Fiji closer to the overall development goals that the country is striving to reach by 2015.

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