New UN website gives access to real-time financial data

Sep 2, 2010

Discharged Maoist Army Combatants, part of the United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal, photo by UNICEF
 Today, UNDP Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan launched the Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office Gateway. For the first time in UN history, UNDP is providing real-time financial transaction data to the public. After being in a beta release for six months, it is now fully operational.

“In Nepal, the Gateway is already an invaluable platform for our donors and other stakeholders to see both the summarised status of the UN Peace Fund for Nepal as well as detailed project information,” said Mr. Robert Piper, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal and Chair of the UN Peace Fund for Nepal’s Executive Committee. The UN Peace Fund is one of over 35 funds managed by UNDP’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office. “The site’s user-friendly layout and excellent charts and tables ensure that our donors can easily view their contribution towards Nepal’s peace process at any time.”

UNDP has been providing such fund administration services to an ever-growing number of UN multi-donor trust funds since 2004. Currently, UNDP, through its Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office, administers a $US 4.5 billion portfolio on behalf of the UN system. Over the years, UNDP has continued to put accountability and transparency at the forefront of its work in managing the funds.

“This is best demonstrated by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office Gateway,” said UNDP Administrator Helen Clark when she announced the initiative to Executive Board. “It provides real-time financial information on donor contributions received, amounts transferred to participating organizations, and certified annual expenditure reports. It also provides access to a growing number of progress reports and related documents.”

By sharing transactional data openly in real-time, it is now possible for stakeholders to follow the flow of funds and be ready to make decisions about essential activities that improve people’s livelihoods with the shortest possible delay.

Tanzania is one of eight UN Delivering as One country pilots where various UN agencies on the ground work closely together in order to reduce overlap and repetition. access to timely information has become a critical way to foster accountability in the UN system’s work there.

“The Gateway is proving to be a critical tool for the Joint UN and Government Steering Committee on Delivering as One, as it allows it to closely monitor in real time progress in the implementation of the One UN Programme,” said Alberic Kacou, Tanzania UN Resident Coordinator and co-chair the Joint Steering Committee. “It has greatly facilitated effective performance-based decision making. It has also substantially increased the UN’s transparency and accountability, both internally and with our partners.”

For more information about the Multi-Donor Trust Funds in the United Nations, visit the GATEWAY:

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