Kuwait contributes US$1 million to United Nations' work in Haiti

Aug 25, 2010

Funds will support UNDP rubble removal and job creation projects

New York – The Government of Kuwait has contributed US$1 million to support the work of the United Nations in the Haiti post-earthquake recovery process. The money will go toward UNDP’s livelihood programme, specifically in the area of debris removal and the creation of micro-enterprise projects.

The money is the first part of the $10 million pledge that the Government of Kuwait had made toward recovery efforts during the International Donors Conference: “Towards a New Future for Haiti,” in March 2010.

UNDP’s cash-for-work programme has already employed over 120,000 Haitians in different areas of the country since the 12 January earthquake that devastated the Haitian people, infrastructure and economy.

“This contribution will allow us to reinforce our work in the field, benefiting more people with initiatives that have impact both in the short and the long term,” said Jessica Faieta, UNDP’s Senior Country Director in Haiti.

Immediately after the earthquake, UNDP launched a series of recovery and reconstruction projects that have been aiding the Government of Haiti in its pursuit to rebuild the country and its institutions while reducing the risks of future natural disasters. These projects focus on a diverse array of challenges and needs prioritized by the Government – in areas including democratic governance; justice and the rule of law; the environment; and disaster risk reduction.

On 4 August 2010, UNDP signed an agreement with the Government to coordinate donor money for the upcoming November presidential and legislative elections. UNDP will also help with the many technical challenges of organizing the elections, from reviewing the electoral list to providing judicial advice.

Contributions such as that of Kuwait are crucial to accelerating the pace of recovery and reconstruction in Haiti following the initial humanitarian relief efforts in response to the devastating 12 January earthquake.

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