Investing in Haitian Women

Apr 6, 2010

Since the 12 January 2010 earthquake, UNDP has been playing a key role in the response to the crisis in Haiti. Acknowledging that only Haitians can rebuild their country again— and build it back better— UNDP has put job creation at the centre of all its recovery activities in the country: jobs to offer new opportunities for economic advancement, to enable Haitians to cover their basic needs and to rehabilitate basic infrastructure.

The story of Marie Josée Roland, a Supervisor for UNDP’s cash-for-work programme, reveals the resilience and strength of Haitian women, working not only to put food on the table but to be part of the solution toward a “new, transformed Haiti”.

The following photo essay captures a day in the life of Marie Josée Roland (Click on full screen for a better viewing experience and choose 'Show Info" to view photo captions.)

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