Kazakhstan: Reconstruction of old water pipeline system

Mar 22, 2010


A new water tower in Kok-Ozek.
(Photo: UNDP/Every Drop Matters)

Every Drop Matters is a partnership between UNDP and The Coca-Cola Company aiming to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by improving access to safe drinking water. As a result of the programme, innovative community projects in 20 countries throughout Europe and Central Asia are supporting community water stewardship; improved water governance; and awareness raising to promote environmental resource preservation and sustainable use of water for industrial and domestic purposes.

For example, in rural Kazakhstan, where access to safe drinking water is a major problem, the Rural Water Supply project was designed to reconstruct a deteriorated water distribution infrastructure in Kok-Ozek village. The local pipelines no longer complied with sanitary and technical standards causing, among other effects, the spread of water-borne diseases.

The project repaired the water intake structure as well as water tanks and built a new 2.2 km water pipeline to the local school and medical station. Additionally, the district’s old water tower was replaced by a new one. The system is now managed by a committee of water users.

Today, the project allows 1,500 households in Kok-Ozek to enjoy access to safe drinking water in their homes, school and public health centre.

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