Human Rights Day PSA

Dec 9, 2009

The concept of non-discrimination lies at the heart of human rights. Twenty-six of the Universal Declaration’s 30 Articles begin with the  words “Everyone…” or “No one…” Everyone should enjoy all human rights. No one should be excluded.  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.  Taken together all of this marks an extraordinary celebration of humankind’s ability and aspiration to create a world of equal opportunity and equal treatment under the law. And many millions of people have benefited as a result.

Yet discrimination is still rampant. On this Human Rights Day, people from South-East Asia show how diversity can be a powerful voice against discrimination regardless of language barriers. "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights", says Thai singer and actor Khun Kob. Children, a woman, an elderly couple and a worker, lend their voice to stress the need for opportunities, dignity, respect and equality.  They announce an interpretation of the first sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in their own language - Thai, Lao, Tagalog, Malay and English.

This PSA is a UNDP joint initiative with the OHCHR Regional Office for South East Asia.  The PSA was produced by Benetone Films; created by Young & Rubicam Thailand and directed by Razneesh Ghai as a contribution for Human Rights Day in collaboration with Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights and the United Nations Development Programme.

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